Climate Change Budget Integration Index (CCBII)

What is CCBII?

Climate Change Budget Integration Index (CCBII) is an innovative tool that helps measuring level of integration of Climate Change into the national Public Financial Management (PFM) systems.

How useful is CCBII?

Application of a standard and comprehensive methodology on assessment of the level of integration of CC in the PFM systems will bring the following benefits:

· Systemic approach and more objective validation of the progress towards CC integrated PFM system in countries

Setting a baseline, prioritization and helping with formulation of a reforms agenda for CC integration (guidance for formulating the country’s reforms directions and agenda)

· Cross-country comparison, especially relevant in the regional context

· Platform for cooperation framework with development partners.

Dimensions of CCBII

As per this CCBII methodology, there are four main dimensions of understanding how well the climate change finances are integrated into the national budget/PFM systems.

A.  Policy dimension – the level of awareness on climate change policies, recognition and commitment to integrate CC, as well as availability of enablers to link CC policies with budgets.

B.  System dimension – the capacity and current practices of PFM systems to absorb CC dimension.

C. Accountability dimension – how much is the CC dimension is part of the overall PFM accountability system.

D.  Development Partners dimension – how much is DPs’ CC finance integrated into national PFM systems.

Where has CCBII been used?

Rapid CCBII calculation has been piloted in Nepal and Pakistan since 2015 and it’s planned to be roll-outed to other countries in Asia-Pacific in 2016 and beyond.