Developing Sustainable Responses to Climate Change Challenges and Budgeting - UNDP Facilitates Learning Exchange Between Pakistan and China

Photo credit: UNDP Pakistan- UNDP’s Governance of Climate Change Finance Team with Pakistani government officials and representatives of Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) and the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences (CAFS)


Climate Proofing Cambodia’s Agriculture and Infrastructure – UNDP Workshops Makes Headway on Climate Change Integration into Government Budgets


Climate-proofing agriculture and infrastructure programmes is essential to ensuring continued services, especially during extreme climate events such as the droughts experienced in Cambodia in April and May 2016. 


Nepal Pilots a New Diagnostic for Climate Budgeting with UNDP Support

Photo credit: Increased flooding linked to glacial melting in the Himalayas threatens water supply to billions of vulnerable people – and their crops and livestock – which are vital to rural livelihoods. Photo: UNDP Nepal


A new index developed by UNDP – The Climate Change Budget Integration Index (CCBI) – is revealing the progress Nepal has made in its efforts to tackle climate change through improved budgeting and public financial management (PFM).