UNDP's Governance of Climate Change Finance Programme is expanding its aims & incorporating a focus on gender & human rights.

A New Approach


  • Assist governments to create or expand Climate Change Financing Framework's that integrate their specific concerns into clear budget processes and recommendations.
  • Undertake Climate Change Budget Integration Indexes (CCBII) to measure the extent to which climate change, gender equality and human rights are integrated in budget processes.
  • Support governments to better define, identify and measure climate change expenditure through budget tagging systems - this can highlight where additional spending may be required to achieve National Climate Change Action Plans.
  • Assist governments to adopt investment appraisal guidelines and budget circulars that require line ministries to integrate climate change, poverty and gender equality in their designs while explaining how their investments contribute to climate change mitigation/adaptation, poverty reduction, women's empowerment and gender equality.
  • Build the capacity of regional and national institutions to promote climate change responsive budgets that are gender responsive, benefit the poor and enhance human rights (for example through the Pacific Parliamentary Effectiveness initiative and the provision of training modules parliamentarians and auditors).
  • Provide south-south exchanges and peer-learning events on climate change finance that has an impact on gender and poverty.
  • Increase transparency, accountability and oversight for the articulation of national budgets that are effective in terms of climate change adaptiveness, greenhouse gas reduction, gender responsiveness, poverty reduction and the strengthening of human rights.