E-Learning and Peer Network

The Governance of Climate Change Finance team for Asia-Pacific partners with a number of national, regional and international institutions to develop climate change finance curriculum, Electronic Learning Modules on Climate Change Finance linking Climate Policies and Public Finance and to conduct face-to-face training roll-out session.

Apart from the generic regional learning modules on climate change finance, a pilot and tailor-made module for Cambodia was developed based on its national context, translated into Khmer and launched in Phnom Penh at the Climate Change Finance Training for trainers workshop in November 2015 in partnership with EFI, Ministry of Finance.

In 2016, the programme is partnering with Fiscal Policy Research Institute (FPRI), in affiliation with Ministry of Finance and Thailand’s Development Research Institute (TDRI) developing a tailored module for Thailand. To ensure the sustainability of this capacity and skills building initiative, the programme launched a Regional Peer Learning Network (RPLN).

In January 2016, the programme co-hosted a short course training on Climate Change Finance with ICCCAD in Dhaka with members (government officials) of the RPLN from Asia-Pacific countries.

Other recent peer learning events and south-south exchanges which GCCF hosted or participated in include:

  • 'Budgeting for Climate Change' Regional Exchange – April 2016

    This 2-day regional exchange brought together over 25 practitioners from 6 countries to discuss how Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) could contribute to strengthen the public budget process to address climate change at both national and sub-national levels.

  • Pakistan/China Technical Exchange – September 2016

    This South-South exchange, convened by UNDP with financial support from DFID, aimed to improve both countries’ understanding of how to improve budget and financial management in light of climate change’s increasingly severe impacts.

  • Technical Dialogue for Climate Proofing Growth and Development – June 2016

    In this Technical Dialogue DFID heard from government policymakers engaged in UKAID’s ACT programme working on climate compatible development pathways in South Asia.

  • Webinar: Tracking domestic climate finance flows in developing countries – October 2017

    In this webinar, experts from the Latin American and Caribbean Climate Finance Group (GFLAC), UNDP and the National Planning Department of Colombia, shared insights and lessons learned from a study conducted by the joint UNDP-FAO NAP-Ag Programme (NAP-Ag) in partnership with GFLAC on tracking domestic climate finance.

  • Bangladesh-Indonesia Knowledge Exchange – October 2017

    With support from UNDP’s Governance of Climate Change Finance Programme, 11 Bangladesh Government representatives from the Ministries of Finance, Environment and Forests, Water Resources and Agriculture are undertaking a climate finance study-tour in Indonesia.

  • Second Regional Training on Climate Change Finance – November 2017

    Government representatives from 7 countries met in Dhaka for this Regional Course on Climate Finance delivered by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), the International Institute on Environment and Development (IIED), Action on Climate Today (ACT) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the support of United Kingdom’s Department for International Development and the Government of Sweden.

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