Governance of Climate Change Finance and UNDP BRH

Budgets and expenditures that are relevant to Climate Change, both on Adaptation and Mitigation, are sometimes called Climate Change Finance. This includes both domestic and international funds.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recognizes climate change as a key challenge to national development. The Bangkok Regional Hub works with countries to improve the way in which they plan, budget and manage climate change finance in support of national development goals.

Strong government leadership is crucial. UNDP supports and facilitates a whole of government approach to manage the risks of climate change. Strengthening close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders including key ministries, government agencies, Civil Society Organisations and development partners across the region is emphasised to achieve better management of climate change finance.

Key Results on the Ground

  • National interministerial committees on Climate Change Finance have been established in many countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand.
  • Climate change has been increasingly mainstreamed into key national development processes including strategic policy discussions, planning and budgeting across government including planning agency, ministry of finance and ministry of environment.
  • Climate change finance markers or budget tagging systems on climate change finance have already been in progress in many countries including Indonesia and Nepal.

Regional Level Work

  • South-South and triangular cooperation is promoted by learning and sharing best  practices among countries through regional and global dialogues.
  • Management of public climate change finance is  strengthened through the implementation of gender  and poverty responsive planning and budgeting processes across Asia-Pacific.
  • A political economy dimension is also be integrated  within the existing CPEIR methodology to give the institutional analysis more nuance in order to provide more refined policy recommendations.
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing through this website.

Global Level Work

UNDP is part of the Global Partnership on Climate Change Finance and Development Effectiveness composed of representatives from 27 members from governments, CSOs and International Organisations. The Partnership aims to promote the effective deployment of climate change finance at country-level. Lessons from country experiences are actively being fed back into global processes such as the UNFCCC and development co-operation networks.