About us
Since 2010, Asia-Pacific Climate Change Finance and Development Effectiveness Dialogues have introduced ‘Whole of Government’ approach in Climate Finance conversation. Participants include representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Planning, CSOs and parliamentarians as well as development partners. A number of regional workshop outcomes were taken forward to Global discussions.
5-7 November 2014
The Asia-Pacific Regional Technical Workshop on Climate Responsive Budgeting took place in Bangkok, Thailand on 5-7 November, 2014. This workshop took note of the need for greater focus on strengthening national planning and budgeting systems to integrate climate as a cross-cutting policy issue. At the same time, it approached integrating climate policies into the budget process that can be informed by the successes, and failures, of similar efforts in other cross-cutting areas, including gender, poverty, and various social equity