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    Since 2010, Asia-Pacific Climate Change Finance and Development Effectiveness Dialogues have introduced ‘Whole of Government’ approach in Climate Finance conversation. Participants include representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Planning, CSOs and parliamentarians as well as development partners. A number of regional workshop outcomes were taken forward to Global discussions.

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    Articulated Voices on Climate Change Finance from all stakeholders (governments, CSOs, academia and development partners) in the regional dialogues and in peer-to-peer discussion style have been facilitated by UNDP’s Governance of Climate Change Finance for Asia-Pacific since 2010.

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    CPEIR Countries report (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Samoa and Thailand) as well as Climate Finance Analytical reports (Making Sense of Climate Finance, CPEIR in Asia-Pacific: What have we learnt?, CPEIR Methodological note and National Climate Fund) are produced by Governance of Climate Change Finance team of UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre as evidence and tools to strengthen Climate Finance management.

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    Climate Change caused costly damages at both local and national level. Costs for Climate Change Adaptation to adjust people’s lives to the new environment effected by Climate Change are high. Countries are spending huge amount of money to address the problem in ad-hoc basis. This Climate Change Finance management could be strengthened by reviewing national policies in Climate Change in linkage to Public Finance through CPEIR.

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    Climate Change’s impacts significantly affect people's lives by causing severe and more frequent natural disasters i.e. mega floods, massive typhoon, sea level rise, drought and others. Countries are spending huge amount of money from both domestic and international sources to address the problem at country level.

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    Massive expenditures are spent at the country level to response to Climate Change effects. To start process in strengthen the management of this climate change finance, Climate Public Expenditures and Institutional Reviews (CPEIRs) were introduced to the region by the UNDP Governance of Climate Change Finance team.

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Asia-Pacific Regional Technical Workshop on Climate Responsive Budgeting - Bangkok, Thailand, 5-7 November, 2014
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